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Welcome to the wiki. We’re a collaborative community website involving members of the London Media Industry that anyone, including you, can edit. Click the edit button at the top of any page to get started!

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This Wikia page was started to formally welcome you to the London CheekyMonkey Club. An elite group of wise media folk that aim to gather together, as reasonably regularly as reasonable, to enjoy the ligher and somewhat finer side of life. There are of course a tremendous amount of lovely smiliy people in our industry but daily life and often hurendously long hours forfeits some of the fun we most certainly owe ourselves. We must not lose touch of the fun in our lives. We must enjoy our relative youth like our Fathers before us and why the hell shouldn't we gather with some like minded souls every now and then and share a tale over a glass of wine or in my case, a pint of cider, or sing a song or shoot a paint bullet at them :) The occassional get together with some friendly faces never hurt anybody. Especially if we can get them paid for by media ownders :)

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